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Wait, you're still reading this? Um, well then, allow me to introduce myself a bit, yes? I'm a 17 year old female who yearns to, one day, become a fashion designer. Here, on this blog, I present to you a snippet of what my so called "clothing line" will probably come out looking like. With this blog, I hope to possibly earn enough money to bring my pixel doll's outfits into reality! All the "Cloe Bowie" pixel dolls are drawn and, therefore, credited to me, along with all of the fashion designs she wears. Enjoy your stay, at "Fashion Pixel Dolls" and make yourself at home!


/ Monday, September 12, 2011 /
Photo Courtesy of "FashionPixelDolls(.blogspot.com)" -- A.K.A. this blog!
<~ Presented by 09/12/11
Drawn (with MS Paint) and designed by me.

long sleeve shirt, bow tie, overalls, knee high stockings, and heels.

Season = fall
Style = formal/dressy

After drawing my fashion designs, I like to make them come to life by searching the 'net (or, more so, just Amazon.com) for similarities. Lets see what I could come up with today.
Together, all of the listed items cost.... $96.46 - or less (depending on which size, color, etc. shirt you'll buy).


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10 Facts About * Me *

  • #1, I am.. called "Cloe"
  • #2, I am.. a 90's kid
  • #3, I am.. from the U.S.
  • #4, I am.. a dreamer (world peace FTW!)
  • #5, I am.. in love with music
  • #6, I am.. a lyricist
  • #7, I am.. never going to make it! (doubtful)
  • #8, I am.. a vegetarian
  • #9, I am.. probably drinking tea
  • #10, I am.. always trying


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